Bamboo Musical Instruments Sound Awesome In Tangari Village

In a village in Bougainville called “Tangari Village” locals have developed a creative way to play and perform music. Using Bamboo, they have crafted their own instruments which sound brilliant.

Bougainville is an autonomous region in Papua New Guinea and the largest island in the country. The locals have created musical instruments using different lengths of bamboo. The size difference of each bamboo shoot creates a different note when the end of the bamboo is hit.

The villagers use flip flops as their tool of choice to hit the bamboo sticks. The rubber material used to create flip flops is perfect for sending a pulse of air down the bamboo shoot to create the desired sound.

The bamboo isn’t the only sound you are hearing in the videos though. The locals sing along to their unique band sound providing a wonderful, almost festival-like atmosphere around the village. Below is a band called “Hatami Bamboo Band” performing at “AROB Day Kokopo” in 2019.

This is a very special form of music for the locals of Bougainville. The music doesn’t just provide entertainment, it brings people together.

In the video below, locals dance along to the music. All the percussion is created from bamboo shoots performed again by the Hatami Bamboo Band.

If you want to see more videos of these creative passionate musicians, go to Gernic Investments LTD’s Youtube channel or go to Nimal Siripala’s YouTube channel.

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