Baby’s Heart Melting Reaction Listening To Andrea Bocelli Song

Baby’s Heart Melting Reaction Listening To Andrea Bocelli

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This video is one of the most touching combinations there is – Andrea Bocelli singing to Elmo and young, excited viewers who are eager to watch the Sesame Street scene play out. For one particular viewer, who has been identified as baby Abriel, this was an overwhelmingly tear-jerking moment.

The song in question is Andrea Bocelli’s Lullaby to Elmo, ‘Con Te Partirò’, which translates to ‘Time to Say Goodbye.’ Over the years, Sesame Street has showcased a range of classical music on its show, and this features Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli.

Throughout the video, Abriel goes through a rollercoaster of emotions, from smiling and laughing to teary eyes. This particular episode details the story of muppet Elmo refusing to sleep, and he sings a song about it. Elmo begins ‘Elmo isn’t sleepy, Elmo wants some water and another story, Elmo’s eyes are open wide awake and Elmo doesn’t feel snory.’

While watching the muppet on-screen, Abriel’s face widens and shows his excitement for the show. Throughout this section, Abriel occasionally drops his face in awe. Check out another video of a baby getting emotional listening to classical music, this time it’s his mother singing and not Andrea.

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His reaction completely changes when Bocelli begins his song to calm Elmo to sleep. His soft and gentle lullaby is soothing and instead of the smiling child presented at the beginning of the video, Abriel becomes emotional at the sound of the melody.

He pouts, is teary-eyed and is on the verge of tears at any minute. He becomes fixated on every word of the lullaby. When Elmo interjects, Abriel returns to his happy, excited self, and then rapidly changes again when Bocelli finishes off the song.

The video’s description sheds light on such an emotional reaction from Abriel and declares his love for classical music.

For Abriel, the song was full of ups and downs, and as a viewer, seeing Abriel go through these emotions was a whirlwind for us too. Abriel really pulled us through the rollercoaster with him.

Abriel’s reaction to Bocelli singing to Elmo demonstrates to us as a wider audience that music can affect people in different ways, and no matter how old they are, can evoke a strong emotional response.

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