‘Awesome Street Drummer’ – Exceptional Beat Without Any Drums!

This young man is SOMETHING ELSE! Just think what he could do with a real set of drums. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Captured on the STREETS of Vegas! This young lad is TALENTED!

We don’t know the name of this street drummer and have been asking for a while if anyone does. We would love to update this post and our Facebook page to credit him for his fantastic work.

If you know the name of the street drummer featured in the video below please leave a comment and we will credit him for sure. The footage seen shows an extremely gifted drummer, with serious grove and swing. He attracts party goes on their way back or to the club with his charming performance and creative beats.


Posted back in 2017, this video received over 1.3 MILLION views! 7.9K likes and 3,230 shares. I’m sure you can see why, he’s brilliant!

If anybody knows this talented man’s name please let us know and we’ll credit him.