Adam And The Metal Hawks A Creative Rock Band From The USA

This incredible band full of raw passion, classic powerful rock riffs, and incredible vocals is called “Adam and the Metal Hawks”. Adam Ezegelian and his rock ‘n’ roll band members have recently been gaining huge attention across multiple social media platforms for their unconventionally brilliant cover videos.

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The band have a unique approach to their music, especially on TikTok. Some of their videos have hit millions of views due to the sheer authenticity and creativity shown in the short video clips they’ve uploaded. As seen in the video below, there aren’t many other ways to explain this video except for absolutely crazy but genius! Adam showcases his incredible vocals in a cover of Guns ‘n’ Roses classic “Sweet Child o’ Mine”.

However, instead of their normal drummer, Alex, playing the drums, they have decided to use plastic bottles and pots as their percussion. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, the pots are placed on their heads…ofcourse. The band consists of four musicians. Guitarist, John Barry, Alex Hertler on the drums, Ryan Daversa on the bass guitar and the powerful rock vocals from Adam Ezegelian.

Adam was a top 16 finalist on the 14th season of American Idol before teaming up with his current band members in 2018. They created a YouTube channel in September 2019 and have successfully grown their TikTok account to over 300K followers.

The band is quickly becoming a viral sensation bringing rock music back to the mainstream. Since forming the band, they have appeared on Louder Sound, Philly Rock Radio, and The Shark.

They’re currently playing around New York City, rocking every venue they play and in their own words, “Giving 100% to every performance”. They released their debut album on the 17th of April 2020 under their record label, illogical Records. They’re certainly an intriguing group of musicians with bags of talent and desire, 100% one to watch.

If you would like to see more from this create band, subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow their Facebook page.

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