Abi Carter Wins American Idol 2024

Abi Carter has won American Idol 2024. She put on many stunning performances throughout the competition, but some viewers fell in love with her powerful piano cover of Bon Jovi’s hit song “Bed Of Roses”.

With the pressure of millions watching as she aimed to put in a memorable performance during the Grand Finale, Abi once again showed her incredible musical abilities as she delivered in breathtaking style. Some viewers even said her cover was the best version of Bon Jovi’s classic.

During Disney night on American Idol, Abi Carter proved to the world she doesn’t just rock 90’s emo hits and play gorgeous piano ballads – she’s also an exceptional Disney princess.

Abi sings a classic from The Little Mermaid with the style and grace of a real life Disney princess showcasing her incredible versatility as a musician. Fans are raving over this performance saying she is the full package as this performance takes her one more step closer to winning the competition.

As American Idol approaches the finals night, Abi Carter has once again left TV viewers stunned. Showing her ability to perform different styles, this time she took on Adele’s “Hello” and the feeling she put into her performance was sensational.

Sitting behind her grand piano wearing a beautiful sparkly dress, Abi showed the nation her vocals can compete with the best in the world as he delivered Adele’s hit song with incredible style. Her performance not only got her through to the top 5, it has already become a hit online racking up 28k views in a few hours of being online.

Abi Carter has stunned American Idol viewers once again – this time with a song known to be very difficult to cover. Wearing a black dress and knee high black boots, she was ready to take on Evanescence’s hit song “Bring Me To Life” hoping to impress TV viewers but also the notoriously difficult to please Evanescence fans.

Abi had the entire room in awe including Katy Perry who watched the performance opened mouthed as Abi delivered what many are saying is the best American Idol performance in history. Her cover has only been online 3 days and has already racked up over 300k views.

During the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame night on American Idol, Abi Carter put on a special performance of Elton John’s classic “Yellow Brick Road” quickly becoming a fan favourite to win the show.

Sitting behind her Roland piano, Abi’s beautifully controlled vocals echo around a totally silent studio as the audience listen intently to every word she sings. Not only did this stunning performance easily get her through to the next round it’s also blowing up online as fan dub her the winner of the show.

In the 2024 edition of American Idol, 21-year-old Abi Carter blew the judges away when she came on with full confidence and armed with a piano as she covered “What Was I Made For?” by Billie Eilish. From the outset, the judges could see the wealth of talent that this young individual possesses and were instantly moved by her immaculate vocal range when performing this complex and difficult song.

At just 21, it is clear that Abi Carter is a well-rounded individual with a great personality and social skills. Before her performance, she gives small glimpses into her life to the judges and tells them that she has been a fan of American Idol all her life, leading up to this moment and eventually building up the courage to compete herself! Her song of choice also received approval from Katy Perry, who said she loved the song. They were not, however, prepared for just how good Abi Carter is. Watch below:

One thing that is beautiful about this clip is not just Abi Carter’s performance, but the support and love that she receives from her family watching backstage. From her brother commenting on how talented she is, to her sister wiping away tears from their mother’s eye, it’s clear that this family is close and is an example of how far people can go when they have the right love and support system behind them. Fans commented on how special their family is and how pure their interactions are.

“What Was I Made For?” was the fifth single released from the soundtrack of 2023’s Barbie movie. The soundtrack featured a vast array of huge musicians, from Eilish to Dua Lipa, and Nicki Minaj to Sam Smith and Tame Impala. “What Was I Made For?” was one of the biggest hits off of the album, winning Song of the Year; a true achievement, as the last song from a movie that won the same award was Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” from 1997’s Titanic.

Outside of her time on American Idol, Abi Carter has been very busy preparing herself for the release of her first original song. “It’s All Love” is set for a March 2024 release, and with that, we wish all the very best to this incredibly talented individual. Check out more from the talented Abi Carter on her Instagram.

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